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The MISSION of PanIIT-USA is to draw upon the collective strengths of the IIT’s and its alumni in the USA to:

  • Promote and enhance a common “IIT” brand for the IIT’s and its Alumni
  • Share the best practices of alumni associations
  • Assist in improving the governance of IITs for competing in the global education field
  • Offer common Alumni services such as opportunities for professional networking and career advancement to help alumni achieve their professional goals
  • Promote the spirit of giving back in the USA and to the IIT’s and to India
  • PanIIT-USA provides legitimacy, oversight, and guidance to the various US PanIIT organizations.
  • It is also responsible for the Global PanIIT Conferences, as chartered by the PanIIT Global Board.
  • The focus of PanIIT-USA is on common issues for all IIT campuses such as branding, advocacy, and wider alumni networking.


The VISION of PanIIT-USA is:

  • For the IIT’s to be acknowledged among the world’s leading institutions in academics, research excellence and innovation, and
  • For its alumni to be recognized as leaders and innovators in their chosen fields


The specific GOALS of PanIIT-USA organization in support of PanIIT Global charter are:

  • To manage, enhance and protect the “IIT Brand” in the United States, and support the highest standards in education, professional excellence, and giving back to society
  • To provide a wider forum for alumni networking and a broader range of alumni services in the United States. These services will include networking opportunities with IIT alumni and others in the community, mentoring of new graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs, and direct assistance and other services that enhance the value of membership in the PanIIT-USA, PanIIT and individual IIT organizations.
  • To provide a forum for advocacy of issues in the United States. This will include the opportunity to express views on matters that affect the welfare of IIT Alumni in the United States, provide support on matters relating to the governance of the IITs, offer opinions on matters pertaining to business, education, the environment and other such matters that impact all members of the IIT alumni community, and represent the IIT’s to the US Government and national level institutions.
  • To support other PanIIT Global objectives such as Nation Building, the economic and social development of India.


PanIIT USA Board Meeting Minutes

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