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OCT. 2017


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Tiger Global Invests $ 2 Million In Chaayos

Founded in November 2012 by IIT alumni Nitin Saluja and Raghav Verma, Sunshine Teahouse-owned Chaayos works on a theme i.e. “Experiments With Chai.”


Logistics startup Rivigo ropes in former Microsoft exec Pramod Gupta as CFO

Founded by IIT Kanpur and IIM Lucknow alumni; Deepak Garg and Gazal Kalra, Rivigo provide logistics services solutions, including full truck-load, part truck-load, and cold chains, catering to industry sectors that include e-commerce, consumer goods, automotive, retail and pharmaceuticals.


Car service startup Pitstop gets $1 million from Blume & Goldbell Group

Started in 2015 by IIT-Kanpur graduates Mihir Mohan and Nirant Ramakuru. The company is catering to customers who are looking for high quality car service once their dealership service warranty expires.




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The IIT Kanpur Alumna on Her Journey to Become a Leading Tech Executive

Dean Murthy

Anjali Joshi sat down with us to discuss her multiple roles at Google, the future of journalism and the importance of STEM education. Anjali is Vice President of Product Management at Google, where she currently leads several new product initiatives focused on growth markets. Previous to that she led the product management team for Search. With the growth in the number of people using smartphones, the focus of her teams was to build new search experiences optimized for mobile devices across all geographies and languages. Over the years, she has also led product management teams for Google Maps, Infrastructure, Research, Translate, News, Finance and

PANIIT USA: Prior to joining Google, you were the Executive Vice-President of Engineering at Covad Communications, the first DSL Competitive Carrier in the US and helped the company grow from a start-up to a public company. What advice would you give a start-up who is looking to advance their company on a similar path?

Ms. Joshi: When you are trying to build a company, you must keep a laser focus on user needs and execute efficiently. Some of the biggest challenges at a startup are developing a deep understanding of user needs, defining the product strategy and plan and finally getting the market timing right. You have to be scrappy, so you are not burning through resources and must constantly keep an eye on how the industry is evolving. Technology developments happen at a very rapid pace and teams must be nimble and be able to pivot quickly.

PANIIT USA: You have held various roles at Google over the past 11 years. What position was of most interest to you, and why?

Ms. Joshi: At Google, I started out working on infrastructure and from there moved to maps, then to search. Throughout my career I have changed roles every three to four years. I like to spend enough time in an area to accomplish significant goals but after a few years I find that my learning starts to plateau, so I look for new challenges. All the roles that I have done have been very different and interesting. The first one in infrastructure was exciting because it was early days at Google, and we had to make sure that the infrastructure would scale to handle the growing global search usage. Maps was interesting because the product was just taking off in both the U.S. and in other markets. It is such an integral part of our lives now, but then we were trying to understand user needs and rapidly add features to address them. Search was interesting because we were seeing a rapid movement from desktop to mobile and had to pivot the product. We changed the user interface, built new features and added support for many languages for international users. Building new products and watching them become a part of people’s daily lives is a very satisfying experience. READ MORE


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