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  1. Promote and enhance a common “IIT” brand for the IIT’s and all Alumni (Branding) in USA.
  2. Offer common Alumni Services to help alumni achieve their professional and personal (or lifestyle) goals  in USA.


 Witty Bindra

Dear friends,

On behalf of the PanIIT USA Executive Committee, I welcome you to the PanIIT USA website.  Our team’s commitment has been very clear; we want to bring real value to each one of you.  We are committed to maximizing the use of the infrastructure built by past teams.  Here are a few things you may not know about PanIIT USA. PANIIT INC is a tax exempt 501(c) (6) corporation that runs PanIIT USA: PANIIT INC is not a charity. It is considered a Business League which is not organized for profit and no part of the net earnings benefit any private shareholder or individual. If you want to know more about PanIIT USA, you may want to review these documents.

We have identified three target audiences:

  • ALUMNI: These are all of you.  We are working on bringing value-added services to each one of you.
  • CHAPTERS:  We are looking at Chapters to be local franchisees who are committed to serving you;  hence we are offering value added tools to chapters to make it easier for them to serve you and host successful local events.
  • CAMPUSES: The campus organizations are already working hard to serve the alumni from their campus.  We are working with the campus organizations to bring best practices to one another and build tools synergizing on our shared strength.

Here are 10 things we have accomplished thus far and more are in the pipeline (and we have action items for you in each area):

  • PANIIT GOALS DEFINED: We realized that with limited resources, the best way to be successful is to focus on a few critical initiatives. Hence, the one of the first things the PanIIT USA Board did is to define the goals of the organization.
  • CHAPTER SERVICES: The PanIIT USA Executive Team is now supporting 13 active chapters.  Our goal is to have 20 chapters by the end of the year.  To achieve this, we have built a one-on-one relationship with each chapter president, treating them like our internal clients.  We have launched the quite a few initiatives  (Free event registration, loans and grants to launch events, Chapter handbooks, Chapter representatives on board, and more) to assist chapters You can find all the details in the chapter resource section of the website.
    Contact Us: If you want to start a new chapter or your current chapter needs any help.
  • WEBSITE PLAN: Having a vibrant, functional website that is updated regularly, is very important to us. Here it is; Please take a look and share your thoughts with the team.
    Contact Us: If you want to join the website team or if you want to publish an article.
  • WOMEN’S GROUP:  PanIIT USA has built a strong women’s group to focus on value added services to the group.  We are proud to have 800+ of the world’s best professional women in the database.  You can join the Women’s Group at https://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=6655081
    Contact Us: If you are looking for a speaker at a conference or want to post a job, please contact us.
  • NETWORKING ACCESS USING OUR DATABASE:  This the most important area of development as we want to have vibrant database for which each of you has access to all alumni in the USA.  To start with, we are cleaning the database; we now have 10,300 emails with contact information (up from 4,000 at the beginning of the year). A 10 member volunteer team from different chapters and campuses has built a plan for “how to harness the database for alumni services”. The plan is in its final phase of review by the PanIIT USA Board and we want to launch this by the end of the year.  We are all excited as this will truly be an asset to all alumni.
    Contact Us:  If you want to be part of this exciting team.
  • PANIIT USA BYLAWS: The PanIIT USA Board has updated the bylaws and they are on the site for all alumni to review.  A Governance team has been formed, and with their effort, the board has approved the updated bylaws for PanIIT USA.
  • FINANCIAL TRANSPARENCY: This is a very critical area for any volunteer organization and under the leadership of the Finance team of the PanIIT USA Board, we have consolidated all funds in the PanIIT USA bank account.  Monthly financial overview is reviewed by the PanIIT USA Board and is put on the website as part of the minutes.
  • PROTECTING OUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:   PanIIT USA felt that it is very important to protect the PanIIT brand.  The Executive team has filed for application, and we are in the final process of getting the trademark for “PanIIT” as well as a copyright for our logo.  The Governance team also has put a process in place to ensure proper usage of the logo and trademark.
  • CONFERENCE SUPPORT:   We are proud to announce that the 2015 Conference will be in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have brought all past conference wisdom to the Bay Area Team so that they get a jumpstart with the conference.
    Contact Us:  If you want to volunteer for the conference.
  • ONGOING COMMUNICATION SUPPORT:  The team takes pride in continuing all communication initiatives on LinkedIn and the monthly PanIIT USA newsletter.
    Contact Us:  If you want to join the newsletter editorial team.

This progress has been possible because of the highly engaged PanIIT USA board members and every volunteer in the PanIIT Executive team.  We currently have 22 volunteers, whose work has brought us this far.  Each of them is committed to the cause of serving the alumni and they are spending countless hours to achieve our shared goal. We are proud of the great start but know that continuing the passion and energy for the next 18 months is critical to finish what we have started –  And for that we need you. We need your ideas, support, encouragement, and above all, we need you to join the team.  Your support is needed as we are getting ready to start the PanIIT USA branding initiative.  The PanIIT USA executive team wanted to first provide the alumni services before taking on the Branding initiative.


Excited to serve you,


Witty Bindra
President, PanIIT USA

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